Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today's Movie - "Glory"

N.Y. Times Lesson - Examining the issue of race in war:

Answer these questions from the lesson linked above (Answer #1 or #2):

1. In what ways might the race of a soldier affect his or her military experience? How might his or her race affect others in his or her unit?

2. Examine how issues of race in the military are portrayed in the film, "Glory."

In addition to answering #1 or #2, go to the link below (it is a history blog) and answer the question about leadership. Post all of your answers here.


dimmer said...

i think that Glory shows the persiveriance that african americans had, how when drilling no matter what was yelled at them they never said a word and when it was over they would sing

broadbentW said...

1.It can affect his or her military experience because if you were black, many of them didn't fight or know how to. Half the time they don't want to because they know it's only so the white man doesn't have to or they use them. They give a good demonstration of these in the movie. It can affect others in the unit because a white man will think if one of them acts like this, they all do. That's what the one leader thought and his unit was horrible.
2.In the movie "Glory," they do give good examples of racism, even in it's own culture. For the military, they used African Americans practically as bait, or they'd send them in first to get anialated and take out as many as they could to soften it up for the next group coming in. The only person who thought they were worth more than the color of there skin and were able to fight was Robert Shaw. He trained them and got them ready for battle and knew they could fight, he just had to convince everyone else they could.
3.For the last part, the most leadership shown was by Robert Shaw, I mostly explained that in question 2 lol. The other two were very strong but i really didn't see leadership in the one. The gravedigger did because he proved himself worthy to become Sergeant Major. He also did take care of his regiment. I guess the other one did show leadership it was just in an odd way. He finally showed it during their last night together in their song.

Lea Hansen-George said...

broatbentw - good. This satisfies another project requirement.

Are you still thinking about the surrealism project. I found my original lesson plan if you'd like to look at it. There are samples of surealist collages you may also look at if you'd like. I have Dali and Magritte (sp?) art books that may also help. The art books are on the long table in the classroom.

Lea Hansen-George said...

dimmer -It was clear most of the 54th Regiment felt they had something to prove...and I think history has demonstrated they indeed deserved as much respect as any white regiment...perhaps more due the fact they were up against so much...most obviously racism - leading to poor assignments, less pay, few or no rations for certain items, less respect, etc.

You said you've seen other Civil War movies such as "Cold Mountain." Any others you'd suggest to others interested in a "good" Civil War movie?

broadbentW said...

Yes i still plan on doing the surrealism project, i'm just getting things together and i will be putting it together soon.

ChrisU.S. said...

1. In what ways might the race of a soldier affect his or her military experience? a. They would get a harsher treatment and lower salary than a white man in the same division. How might his or her race affect others in his or her unit? b. Their “comrades” would look down on them because of their color, perhaps thinking of them as inferior for the job.

2. Examine how issues of race in the military are portrayed in the film, "Glory." They were indeed looked down upon, given harsher training schedules, lower wages, and not sent into battle until someone actually threatened a higher-up.

P2 1. Discuss some events, actions or character traits where these characters showed leadership. After colonel Shaw’s death, when Trip rallies the soldiers to charge.

Lea Hansen-George said...

chris u.s.- good. This satisfies another project requirement. You've done a good job keeping busy and answering the discussion questions!

USHistorySite said...

hey lea,
great use of technology.... keep up the good work.

i love how the comments are from your pupils and from other teachers.