Friday, June 27, 2008

Lessons on the Work of Wisconsin Judges and Justices

In class activity: "Tootsie the Goldfish Activity"
The case: Landlord v. Tenant (Read about the facts of the case, the statute involved and other relevant information in the link below.)

In Wisconsin, there are three kinds of judges:

1. Trial Judges
2. Court of Appeals Judges
3. Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices

In this case, what is the issue to be decided upon?
What must the judges/justices decide?
What "tools" do judges and justices use to help them reach their decisions?
After finishing the activity, what did you learn about the work of judges and justices?

For more detail and other law-related lessons:
Methods of Constitutional Interpretation:
(In 2002 I had the privilege of attending one of the most valuable professional-development opportunities ever. The conference, "From the Courtroom to the Classroom" is held every February in Madison. I highly recommend this professional development opportunity, especially for American Government, Civics and Law teachers. The resource people who participate in the workshop are top-notch and the resources are invaluable. The "Tootsie the Goldfish" activity described above is one example of many law-related education lessons and activities I continue to use in the classroom.)

Just for fun!

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