Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1968 - Tom Brokaw

NPR Coverage (Listen to an interview with Tom Brokaw)
History Channel - 1968
History Channel Study Guide:
More Resources on 1968:
Tet Offensive:
My Lai:
1968 Presidential Election:


polk us said...

2 the events singaled the powerful cultural economic and social changes that still reverberate today
3 in the song alics restront when he says kill i want to kill i mean kill kill and i think when he says that it is relating to the war
4 i think when people went to canada they didnt want to go back to war they went there to not get drafted to the war they wanted to be free and not go to the war they wanted to be with there family and not go to the war
10 the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr everybody was very emotional they didnt know what to do

Lea Hansen-George said...

polk us. After King's assassination many people (especially African Americans involved in the movement)were completely disenchanted with the movement and the state of America in general. King had been an advocate for peace and nonviolence and how ironic he was murdered. After his death, the movement took a more militant turn. In addition, many were growing dissatisfied with the slow pace of progress.

Remind me how many projects you've completed. Obviously this one. I'll also go back and check.