Thursday, May 8, 2008

Psychology Final

Clinical Diagnosis Final Paper

Choose a movie from the list provided in class.

Pretend you are a clinical psychologist.

Identify a character in the movie you selected who exhibits symptoms of one of the psychological disorders we discussed in class.

Identify the diagnosis. How did you reach this diagnosis? What symptoms does this person exhibit? Does this person exhibit all of the symptoms of the disorder? If not, what symptoms are absent?

What do you think caused this disorder? Is there any evidence that leads you to this conclusion?

What treatment would you offer this client?

What do you think is the long-term prognosis of this person? What prognosis do you see in the movie? Does the patient commit suicide? Does the patient recover fully?

Note: See handout for more detailed instruction.

Final Paper - 100 points


ckupsh3 said...

Will two people be allowed to choose the same movie, or does everyone's have to be different?

Lea Hansen-George said...

That is ok. I imagine there will be a handful of movies that are popular choices and most kids choose those movies. It is inevitable that certain movies will be chosen by more than one person.

You may choose any movie from the list that we haven't watched in class. If you want to watch something not on the list, talk to me about it first.