Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Be the Change

Civics, Psychology and Civil Rights Mini-Course students: Need to make up a missing assignment? Visit one of the links below. Comment on one of the change agents profiled in the CNN or Facing History and Ourselves sites. Which change agent did you select? What issue or cause are they fighting for? What can you do to help? Will you do it?
Be the Change on CNN:
Facing History and Ourselves:
Need extra credit?
Visit the site below and learn more about the "Fill the Cup" campaign:
Or, visit one of the sites below to learn how you can make a difference!
In the comments section, briefly explain the purpose of the site you visited. Does the site have information for people who want to help? If so, what can you do to help the cause? Are you going to do something? If so, what?
Imagine- Video:


sydney2 said...

i visited the site about feeding hungry children so they have the desire to learn
i think this is very importnat because these children are not getting food for days at a time and being in school, i know how hard it is to concentrate and want to be in class and listen or learn when i am on an empty stomach.

I think this is very important.. so read this.

sydney2 said...

the site was the feedingminds.org

awiinamaki4 said...

I looked at the "Fill the cup" site and thought that it was a great program. I wish I could help! Now I realize how much food can affect children's ability to learn.