Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Resources/ Psychology-Related Topics

Birth Order and Personality:
Meghan, these resources might help:
Research on homosexuality and mental health
APA - FAQ on GLBT issues:
Excellent Resource - a lot of information pertaining to the issue of "converting gays" to be heterosexual - this professor has done A LOT of research in this area. His website has many useful links as well. Bibliography, links to research, etc. A VERY good place to start. http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/index.html

Teen Pregnancy Resources:
"Juno" does it help or hurt?
PsychCentral Article:


sommer3 said...

this has absolutely nothing to do with this post :) BUT i need any help you get can give me with a research paper. i'm researching how school lunches effect kids. i've found a couple of schools that switched to a new company for food that was slightly more expensive but completely changed academic performance for the better. there was less truency and less fighting. i've been looking at websites and i haven't really found much on the biological part of healthy food effecting your brain. i remember you talking about exercise sparking your brain...i'm looking for that except with food instead. thanks.

Lea Hansen-George said...

I have some excellent resources for you! I subscribe to a magazine called kiwi...I bet they have a bunch of articles online about the topic....they cover this issue a lot! You know, I'm very interested in this topic too! In rural Wisconsin, we are ideally situated to infuse organic meals into our lunch programs. There is actually a lot of research demonstrating the academic and psychological benefits of improving school lunch programs. I'll bring my magazines to school tomorrow.

Many of these programs involve kids...Consumer Ed programs, Ag programs, Environmental Science programs, etc. Students actually raise most of their own produce and it's used in the school lunch program.

I'm so glad you are doing something on this topic! I'll talk to you tomorrow about it in greater detail.

Lea Hansen-George said...

I should have stated that there are academic, physical and psychological benefits for STUDENTS when they eat healthier school meals...I think it was clear from my post...just wanted to make sure you understand what I was saying!

Also, many of the schools with these programs claim the food is actually CHEAPER that the typical food served.

Lea Hansen-George said...


Looks like a good link...lots of links here.

I googled organic school lunch programs and got tons of stuff.