Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4 - 40th Anniversary of King's Death

Psychology Students:

If you are finished with the "I am Sam" assignment, visit one of the links below and post a comment on what you've read. In your comment, tell me what you learned and what you are going to DO with the new information you acquired from the reading.

(5 points extra credit)

Shocking study dealing with infant abuse and neglect:;_ylt=ApUnDXoa4nTvAFV5D16MbtXVJRIF
If King had lived...

CNN: Eyewitness to Murder:

The Autism Mystery:


noble said...

If Martin Luther King, Jr. was still alive today, this country might not be at war at this time. As we all already know, King jr. was very much against the Vietnam War and said it was senseless and that we were the criminal. With the information I learned I can't do much of anything but vote for a president when the time comes who will be dedicated to getting our troops out of Iraq to end the pointless war we are in.

Palmer2 said...

I read the first blog thing... I thought that the children or babies that are being abandon is terrible. I don't think any adult should have a baby unless they are going to care for it and give it the love that it needs. I don't know what I could really do about this problem, but I know when I have a child someday I will NEVER even think about hurting my child or abandoning my child in any way.

Beranek said...

I read the article on the autistic children. It is weird how they act normal until they reach 18 months of age. Nobody really knows what causes autism and the study has become more intesnse only since 2001. It's sad to know that the parents have to help their children on their own when they don't even know what exactly autism is. Doctors can only help so much.

Beranek said...

I read the article on babies being neglected. It said that most of the babies were only 2 days old! I can't even imagine! This time in a human's life is when they need the most careful watch and proper care because their future reflects back to even the first days in this world. Babies cannot take care of themselves... people need to realize that. They need their parents or a gaurdian to watch them ALL the time.

Beranek said...

I read the article on Martin Luther King Jr. If he was alive today, we would not be in any pointless wars. He would have made a great president and would have done what's best for the country, which does NOT include war. He stated how America was the leading country for war and how that needed to be changed. Well, evidently that has not changed, but if he were alive, I'm sure he would change America into a better country.