Saturday, March 8, 2008

Monday - Lab Day (Psychology)

1. Finish Mood Disorders Take-Home Quiz. Use online resources if necessary.
2. Answer questions from the February 29th Post, "Psychology - March 3." Answer in the comments section or on a separate piece of paper.
3. "Everybody Hurts" response. Do this on a separate piece of paper.
4. Online quizzes and screenings. Visit the following links:
Comprehensive Site (Anxiety Disorders)Facts, Statistics, Quizzes
5. Visit the "Helper's High" post. For extra credit respond to one of the news stories. Post your comments under this post.

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Bristol 3 said...

I found out that when you help people, your body has less stress. Since stress is hard on your body, helping people helps you stay happy and healthy. Stress makes you gain weight, have less sleep, and have headaches. When you help, your stress level goes down significantly. Luks' survey also found that out of the 95 percent of respondents who reported the sensations of helper's high, nine out of 10 rated their health as better than others their age. Helping is obviously good for you.