Thursday, February 28, 2008

Resegregation in Public Schools

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Why is segregation on the rise?


Campbell 3 said...

Segregation is on the rise, because now people are looking at where people are living we are segregated. Like now the ghetto or the city is usually filled with black mad men. It is just not a place you want to live. And white poeple are usually in the rich part like the suburbs or the "nice neighborhoods" were people want to live.

gander4 said...

The reason for resegregation in public schools is because of class and income. The schools become segregated when the nice school that cost more money to get into are only avalible for white people that aren't in poverty as much as African americans or latinos.

fruit4 said...

Segregation is increasing due to class and income. More Latinos and African Americans are going to poorer schools while whites are in better schools. Also more whites live in the cities whereas more African Americans live in the suburbs.

Maggie said...

Because of things like red lining. Rich (mostly white) people can afford moving out of the neighborhoods where poor people (mostly minorities) live.
So white students can go to schools in "nice neighborhoods" and others have to go to other schools in their area of town.

overman4 said...

Segregation is on the rise because of poverty and the black enrollment to schools is creating more segregation. so we continue to create an unequal society. It all comes back to the housing patterns. The government doesnt care about segregated schools.

Spangler4 said...

Segregation is becoming more prevalent in schools, due to the distribution of races in areas, this probably is related to income and environment. Those who grow up in the bad part of town, are likely to live in the bad part of town for quite some time. Minorities, are often times hurt by poverty, thus they're more likely to live in these neighborhoods. Zoning of districts, causes these people to be clumped together in the education system.