Thursday, February 14, 2008

Final Project Civil Rights Mini Course

Create a "Positive-Negative" Timeline focusing on the theme of Civil Rights throughout U.S. History. Visit the links below for further explanation.

Teaching Tolerance Magazine - Lesson Plan (This is an article I wrote for Teaching Tolerance Magazine explaining the timeline project. It is short - one page.)

Webquest: Tolerance and Intolerance in America (If you need more detailed information on the project, you can find it here. You can also find a rubric here.)

Resources for Students (Many of these sites have information you could incorporate into your timeline) and Teachers:

For Teachers - Teaching Tolerance Lessons on the Civil Rights Movement
Eyes on the Prize Official Site (Resources for Teachers and Students)
Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South
Remembering Jim Crow (An excellent resource for Teachers and Students)
What was Jim Crow?
Civil Rights Landmark Supreme Court Decisions
Lesson Plans (Jim Crow-Brown)
Many worthwhile links to NPR stories on topics relating to Brown v. Board
Huge List of resources for both Teachers and Students
Civil Rights Museum (Exhibits, news, links)
Many resources here
Do you want to see samples of past timelines? You can find them here:


do ya yant said...

I think that it was wrong of our nation to treat African Americans or any other race like we did when we referred to Jim Crow. I cant believe that our nation could treat other human beings like that after fighting for our country in war and all that they have contributed to our country. If it wasnt for African Americans and other races our country wouldnt be what it is today. But i also think that our nation wouldnt be as good or as powerful today if we didnt go through that in our history. So im partially glad that our nation was like that at one time but i also feel angry because you shouldnt treat anyone like that unless your at war. And war isnt the best thing

Stadele U.S. said...

I think that the separation of colored and whites in the south wasn't right. They shouldn't have treated the colored that way. I mean they compared them with dogs(they had a sign saying NO dogs,Negroes,or Mexicans). Being a colored person in the south would have been a tough thing to do. You would always have to listen to whites or you will get beat, and you would always to sit in the back everywhere you go. The schools I'm sure where not a very pleasant place to be either. The Jim Crow law was a dumb law and I'm glad that it changed.