Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do Something!

Links to sites of interest:
Teach for America
Pay it Forward Foundation
American Democracy Project
Service Learning Clearinghouse
Heifer International - Ending Hunger
Yes Magazine (many inspirational stories, excellent resources, etc.)

Van Halen - "Right Now"


Steve4 said...

This is my Take-Home QUIZ!!
1. Loss of interest in usual activities, persistent lowering of the mood.
2.Cogntitive is where they just lay around the house wanting to do nothing or go anywhere. Physical is where they have headaches all the time, Insomnia, and diffucult thinking. Biological is having memories of the past they can't remember and it may run in families if it lasts more than 2 yrs.
3. They take more things seriously & they won't let that one thought go. Other is because more women have eating disorders, fiancial difficulties etc.
4. Death of a spose because u lost your closest friend and partner so u feel like u can't do nothing w/o them. Jail term cause then when your out people look at u different and fires at work cause you lose all your friends and co-workers that you spent everyday w/ for whatever amount of time.
5. Most of he things at the top are things that happen in adulthood. So the things they expeirence is at the bottom.
6. It's where interpersonal tells them to do it but then they don't.
7. THe Birght Light treatment, which is placed next to them for 30to 60 min or just anti-depressant pills that helps them.
8. 5% to 25%, Nutrition and Hydration
9. It's one or more disorders brought by 1 or more episodes that elevate mood or referred to as MANIA.
10.You have to stay away from bringing up past events that might make them angry & just treat them like there's nothing wrong at least thats what the doctors told us to do w/ my uncle.

Lea Hansen-George said...

Unless comment below, your answer is ok.
My comments:
#2 Cognitive- feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness
Biological - sleeping and eating disturbances
#3 Theories were listed on a handout I gave you a couple weeks ago - theories include "lack-of-control theory," "quality-of-life theory," etc.
#4 Vulnerability factors: confiding personality, loss of mother at a young age, etc.
#5 school and personal issues were more prominent - for example, pregnancy at the top of the list
#6 Cognitive - teach skills to change thinking...recognize patterns and try to change them. Interpersonal - about improving relationships with people closest to you. Role-playing part of therapy
#8 Screening through first year is best
#9 causes largely unknown..possibly combination and environmental factors
#10 Finding the right drug "cocktail" and dose, staying on meds and sticking with therapy, etc.

I'll post your grade in gradebook.