Sunday, November 25, 2007

Psychology (3rd Period, Nov. 27, 4th Period, Nov. 28)

First, answer the assigned questions from the November 17th post entitled, "Depression and Teenagers." You may post your answers online or hand them in on a separate piece of paper. Assignment is due at the end of the period.

Second, if you finish early, spend some time looking at the "Ending Hunger" and "Coats for Kids" posts. Visit the links listed under each post. (I suggest looking at the ABC news story under the "Coats for Kids" post and the CBS news story under the "Ending Hunger" post.) If time permits, after reading and/ or viewing some of the news stories, post your comments.
Social Readjustment Scale (Wikipedia Entry) Definitely check this out. Included is a scale particular to the stressful life events of minors.
If you have time, comment on the scale for minors. Does it seem realistic? Any other comments about this site?
Also note the links on the "Depression and Teenagers" post, especially those from the American Psychological Association. I mentioned both studies in class. If you have time today, read more about them.
These links contain a lot of information about depression:
Fourth Period: Here is the wikipedia link to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory

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