Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lesson Plans and Discussion Questions from "Good Will Hunting"

Lesson Plans - "Good Will Hunting"

Psychology and "Good Will Hunting"

Wikipedia entry - "Good Will Hunting"

Wisconsin State Journal Article - Risk Factors and Child Abuse

Additional Information (Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse)

Answer the following questions (Use the links above to help you answer the questions):

Trauma as a young child can manifest itself in a number of ways later as an adult. How does the trauma Will experienced as a child manifest itself? Give three specific examples from the movie.

What other examples did we talk about this semester with regard to the lasting effects of childhood trauma? Provide three specific examples.

Briefly discuss Will's attitude toward therapy in the beginning. How does this relate to his disorder(s)? 

When does Will's attitude change? Why? What does this mean with regard to his future?

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