Sunday, October 7, 2007

Institutional Racism

Exploring Unintentional Racism: A Case Study:
U.S. History Recovery/Civil Rights Mini Course Assignment:
Click on the link below. Click on "Handout." Print a copy. Ask me for a copy of the transparency with the photo of the young child at the Klan rally in Gainesville Florida. If you would like to see the image online, click on "Picture." Answer all of the questions on the handout.
"Kiddie Klan" Discussion Activity:

La Crosse Tribune Article/Mascot and Logo Issue UW Eau Claire - Ethical Implications Native American Mascots and Logos
Psychological Considerations/Use of Native American Mascots and Logos
Institutional Racism in the Criminal Justice System
Additional information about Rubin Hurricane Carter
Note about "The Hurricane:" There has been controversy over the accuracy of the movie. For more details on this issue, check out the wikipedia entry.
Psychology Students: Respond to the film, "The Hurricane." Despite the controversy over the accuracy of the events portrayed in the film, what did you learn about the issue of institutional racism in the criminal justice system? Can you find other recent examples of institutional racism in the criminal justice system?


Noelle4 said...

I just wanted to mention not only how horribly sad the image of the child in KKK uniform is, but also how sad some people's reaction to it is. I actually am aware of people who have seen this image and laughed. It is beyond me to understand how any humor could be seen in such a picture. Let's hope things like this will stop happening in the world, and hopefully, if it does still happen, people will regard it with solemnity rather than than laughter.

do ya yant said...

I feel that it is wrong that sports teams misuse the native american tribes when they are useing them for sports mascots.Its bad enough to use them for that reason in general in my personal opinion but then to use them in the wrong way. It would be better if sports teams knew more about the history of the tribe so they dont misuse the native americans. I also think they need to know some history about there native americans in general instead of just naming our football and other sports teams.

Stadele U.S. said...
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Stadele U.S. said...

native Americans wouldn't want to see there tribe leader all stuffed and goofy looking dancing on the field. i just think its a little disrespectful to just go ahead and use there names on sports teams