Monday, October 1, 2007

Improving School Climate

Fast Facts:
A 2001 GLSEN survey found that 80 percent of GLBT students report verbal, sexual or physical harassment in school. Nearly one-third reported missing at least one day of school in a 30-day period due to personal safety fears. And one in five of the students reported being physically assaulted.
Thirty percent of workers say they've heard colleagues use racial or ethnic slurs in the last 12 months. The same number report hearing sexist comments.
Twenty-one percent of workers say they've overheard age-related ridicule, and 20% of workers report hearing jabs aimed at sexual orientation.

One in 10 students say that someone at school has called them a derogatory word related to race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexual orientation in the past six months.

Lessons, Activities and Information on Improving School Climate:
Speaking Up Against Everyday Bigotry:
Gay or Straight? Lesson Plan:
Learning About "isms" Lesson Plan:
Responding to Hate - Advice from Dr. Bud, Ball State University
Can you tell someone's race by looking at them? Take this on-line "sorting" activity if you think you can.
"What's Race Got To Do With It?" Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes by watching and listening to four slideshows. You may be surprised to learn how great a role race plays in your own life.
American Psychological Association Statement on Combating Racism


Mrs.Marchwick said...

School Climate is so important for all students to feel that they have a safe and positive environment to learn in. It's also important for all the staff to feel that our school is a good place to work with kids. Our school is going to be featuring a "Respect Day" in the near future. I'm hoping that we might even be participating in a nationwide Mix-it-up-at-lunch day.

jaleesaWH said...

i totally agree 100% with what you blogged about. in the schools they need to be taught that you have to respect everyone just like you would want to be respected. also if a school says they have a zero tolorence policy they should really put the initiative to punish they exact way they say they will.