Wednesday, September 12, 2007

React to the Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes Experiment

Briefly discuss how Elliott's low expectations of those "on the bottom" became self-fulfilling prophesies. Use any example from "A Class Divided."

If time permits, this is a on-line baseline survey measuring prejudice. Your results are confidential.
This is an interesting quiz you may want to take measuring hidden bias.
Take the slide-show tour of prejudice.


Palmer2 said...

I think that the brown eyes and blue eyes thing was a great thing to do and at the same time a bad thing to do. I think that it really hit the kids and made them understand very well. I think as they grew up it helped them know that blacks and whites are the same. The kids that were on the bottom were affected a lot because they were getting their feelings hurt and they were feeling like an outcast. Being on the bottom I think affected them emotionally and made them learn a lot.

Palmer2 said...
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